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The Brief

Zero Hunger Morocco, is a national nonprofit organization that works to develop new innovative strategies to end homelessness, and fight against food waste. Zero Hunger was Launched in 2017, in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, and now it’s a network of volunteers across the country. 

The organization, lead and coordinate the activities of collecting and distributing meals and clothes each week for homeless people as the first step of building trust, which can lead to a true life changing experience.

Food & Clothes Distribution

Each week, Zero Hunger Teams, are going out, sharing food and clothes and some quality time with homeless people.

Fighting Food Waste

Zero Hunger is collaborating with restaurant to fight food waste and feed people.

Volunteers Training

In partnership with Inovagit, Zero Hunger Launched Zero Hunger Academy, an e-Learning platform to enhance volunteering experience.

Saving Homeless People

The main goal of Zero Hunger Organization, is saving homeless people, by helping them start a new life.

The Problem

With the fast growing community of Zero Hunger comes a couple of challenges. More than 4000 volunteers are signing up to join Zero Hunger and by that, the communication and management needs to be automated and optimized, so everyone can understand the vision of the organization and work to meet the strategic goals.

 The main challenges faced by the organization are :

  1. A lack of both internal and external communication strategy ;
  2. A lack of donations strategy;
  3. A hard management of the big number of activities each week;

 After analyzing the technical state of the organization, with data collected from Google Analytics and Facebook page insights, with the help of a piece of code we wrote, we found :

  1. The website owned by Zero Hunger since 2017 was so slow (8 seconds to respond) and not updated, which directly affect the ranking of the website on search engines;
  2. The Facebook insights has clearly demonstrated that the target audience by the organization was not the real people needed for Zero Hunger Mission;
  3. Google Analytics data, has shown that the website suffers from a lot of technical errors (pages returned 4XX status code, Broken Internal links…)

The Solution

A New Flexible Theme

We designed a new website, SEO optimized with a content strategy that communicates the organization values, and allows visitors to join the organization through a simple and clear call to action.

E-Learning Patform

To make sure that all Zero Hunger Members are in same page, we developed Zero Hunger Academy as a bridge of knowledge between all the teams across the country. The platform is open to all people who are interested in voluntary work in Morocco.

E-commerce Capabilities

As a strategy to enhance the donation strategy, we built an online store that sells different Zero Hunger Branded products. We integrated payments facilities, and automated the printing and shipping of the products.


Zero Hunger Academy

Zero Hunger Official

Zero Hunger Store


« Our main goal is using technology to save homeless people. With the help of Inovagit team, we are making this goal real. »

Fouad Jamai, Vice President @ Zero Hunger

The Results