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E-commerce Websites



Tayja is an islamic scarf brand, we developed the branding, social media pages and the weekly content, as well as the e-commerce website, all that with a monthly fee of 2000 dhs during 12 months. 



Discover Morocco while shopping online, it’s possible with lmghreb.com. 

Showcase Websites



Inovagit is a digital marketing company that offers a set of comprehensive services that aim to boost businesses’ digital presence and overall performance. These services include branding, web development, content creation, community management, copywriting, graphic design, and so on. Adopting innovation as its vocation and client success and satisfaction as its mission, Inovagit continues to carry its clients and guide them towards imminent success.



Azilal Young Development Leaders is a non-profit organization that empowers the youth of Azilal region to become the leaders of Tomorrow. This initiative hosts a panoply of seminars, forums, and workshops to introduce Azilal’s young people to entrepreneurship and unlock their full potential. Furthermore, their activities aim to walk students through their academic journey and prepare them to enter the job market.



Zero Hunger is a Moroccan charitable organization that was founded in Rabat back in June 2017 by a young traveler. Everyday, leftovers are collected from restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, and other food businesses. These free meals are then distributed to the homeless all over Rabat and Casablanca. The motivation behind this movement is providing one of Man’s primary needs by feeding the homeless and eradicating hunger as well as raising awareness about food waste in Morocco.



A business center in Mohammedia




Visit Farm is a booking platform that invites people to discover the best touristic farms available in Morocco. Combining stunning and quiet nature with mouth-watering culinary art, this start-up pledges to keep its visitors’ moods happy and their bellies full.

Adopting the concept of agritourism, Visit Farm strives to integrate farmers online and encourages Moroccans to learn about the world of agriculture in a friendly setting. The featured farms are perfect for a relaxing solo trip, a warm family gathering, or a fun hangout with friends.

Mobile App


Feedapp is a platform that introduces an innovative solution to end food waste and hunger. This technology acts via a three-step plan: First, volunteers, restaurants, and donors, all connected via the app. Next, roles and teams are assigned and food supply is efficiently organized. Finally, critical areas in need are scanned based on previously collected data of homeless people’s location. Feedapp is combining AI and human cause to give the fresh food industry a second chance.

Web Application


HappyDentist is a comprehensive dental software that facilitates dentists’ tasks in terms of office management. This revolutionary solution puts all data in one place, allowing dentists to schedule appointment reminders, make proper diagnoses and successful treatment follow-ups, simplify paperwork processing, and revolutionize staff and patient management and communication. Happy Dentist is today’s solution for yesterday’s problems at dental offices and clinics.

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