Top 5 Best Organizational Websites For New Startups

organizational websites for new startups

The following selected platforms are the top 5 best organizational websites for new startups who are having trouble organizing their work. These websites combine efficiency and accessibility to facilitate the management of your business.


WordPress is one of the best professional website builders for startups. It is probably the simplest and most powerful content management system (CMS) on the market.

As soon as you install it, you can easily create and manage the content of your website using any browser. It caters to big and small projects with its endless possibilities and global community.


Slack is a communication tool for businesses, characterized by a fluid and simple use. This platform allows better dissemination of information within your team. In addition, it improves communication and keeps an archive of all events, in order to optimize collaborative work. It also gives you the possibility to attach different applications and attachments to the interface.


Trello is a project manager inspired by the Kanban method. The platform allows tons of organization possibilities and working methods. Indeed, with Trello you can create cards on lists and move them from one list to another. For example, to change a task from the “to do” column to “in progress”, then “done”. You can also assign a person to do something, be reminded of the deadline of a task and many other possibilities.

Google Ads

To attract your first customers, you must certainly go through advertising. So, with Google Ads, your site appears at the top of the search engine results pages.

Targeted advertising campaigns help you reach, on the one hand, the customers you want to reach and, on the other hand, those who are ready to use your services. Also with this tool you can choose and control your advertising budget yourself.


Hootsuite is a platform which is designed to organize the timing of your posts and optimize your presence on the networks. Indeed, this tool allows you on a single dashboard to manage all of your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media. It also allows you to schedule your messages to be sent.

Look no further: the platforms aforementioned are one of the absolute best organizational websites for new startups. Use them to manage your own startup and let us know what you think!