The Basics of Online Business Strategy

Being present online is good, but it is not enough. The most important point is that your online business meets goals, to have a clear vision, and to build up a clear strategy.

I love comparing this to a classic market analysis! Can we start a business without knowing the market well? Of course not.

It is the same thing online, the first step is to understand the needs of the target customer, and we call it buyer personas, so we can segment our audience and create stronger marketing campaigns.

For this, we can use many tools, for example conducting a survey to find out what customers like about the products or services, their job role, and title, their typical day-in-the-life, the tools customers use in their jobs, challenges that they face, how they learn new information…

Then, the common channel used to be present online is to have a website, so it has to be well presented with a good layout, with a mobile-friendly design and should be fast loaded, Because in the average people don’t wait more than 3 seconds if the website loads slowly.

Remember that there are so many possibilities of being present online but the most important thing is to optimize that presence that’s why we should look for the most profitable formulas, to do so we need to know which social media is used by our target customers (the buyer personas will help us with this).

Next, we need content to communicate with our audience, through videos, blogs, images…, the content should be smart, by smart I mean that it should be a well-researched topic, and the headlines should be catchy.

The amount of content enhances the chances of higher visibility and generates more traffic. Furthermore, email marketing is also a way to be closer to customers depending on their purchasing habits in order to deliver personalized campaigns. There is another option that consists of allowing customers to sign up to receive email correspondence.

There is a possibility as well to get your business into articles that treats a topic related to your activity.

If you‘re not an expert, and you need to see results, there are brilliant consultants that can become your business partners.

To wrap up the online strategy is the only manner to attain a good performance. the tools and technologies are available nowadays but choosing the right formula for each business is the challenge, in fact, it needs time and competency.

Article by : Fadwa El Filali

Fadwa is the Chief Marketing Officer @ FeedApp

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash