TeePublic Guide : How to setup your online store in 2 min

I decided to create this TeePublic Guide to help you stop switching platforms and focus on growing your online store instead of wasting your time.

You may wonder, after a long time using redbubble, Zazzle, Teespring, Printify… why you should consider using TeePublic.

Actually, there is no harm in using all the platforms to get sales for you T-shirt Designs. But to get started you should focus on one platform that gives you Free Traffic as well as Low Competition. and TeePublic is the answer.

Is TeePublic a better marketplace to sell custom t-shirt designs than Redbubble?

Here is an answer from James Taylor, a Quora user :

« In my experience yes for several different reasons.

For one I have gotten a lot more organic sales from designs I have uploaded on TeePublic than on Redbubble. I believe this is because TeePublic often runs sales where they sell t-shirts for as low as $14. The designer still gets a $2 commission when the shirts are on sale vs $4 when they are regular price, but also you get a lot more sales.

Also, TeePublic is very good at running retargeting ads for their website. So when a user views one of your designs, they will see that same design for several weeks in ads on Social Media and other websites. If they subscribe to emails, they will see ads in their emails also. This usually drives a lot of buyers to actually purchase a shirt eventually or when the shirt comes on sale.

I have never seen any retargeting ads for Redbubble anywhere. They do not seem to care if you make any sales or not.

In addition the upload process on Redbubble is so complicated and time consuming that it limits the number of designs I have been able to upload.

I can upload a new design on TeePublic and create numerous products in less than 5 minutes most times. On Redbubble it took up to 30 minutes of tedious repositioning of designs on each product and selecting default product colors. It was very annoying and made me not want to continue. »

Step 1 : Create a Designer Account in TeePublic

Go to TeePublic click « Designer Sign Up » :

After creating your account, set your payments :

Add your Google Analytics Tracking ID to understand your store progress and traffic, this way you will know your popular designs :

Here is a step by step mini guide how to create your google analytics dashboard :

Step one : sign in to your Google Account, then go to Google Analytics, Go to your admin panel then click Create Property :

Step Two : Add a name for your property, choose your country then your timezone, choose a currency then hit Show Advanced Options :

Step Three : Activate Universal Analytics Property, Add your store link and choose Universal Analytics Property only and continue

Step Four : Your property is now created, under tracking info, you will find your Tracking code, copy and paste it in your store.

Step Five : Your store will keep sending data to your Google Analytics dashboard, you will be able to understand where your traffic came from as well as your popular designs and performant keywords.

Step 2 :Upload your designs to TeePublic

After creating your account, start uploading your designs by Clicking  “Upload Design” :

When you upload your design, make sure to give a stunning name for exemple :

Trip and Mountain T-shirt” for the main tag, it’s the principal keyword to find your design, for example : “Trip”. Add a description containing both the name and main tag, for example : “Here is your Trip and Mountain T-shirt, start your adventure …” add your tags or words about your main tag, like : “Travel, Mountain, outdoor, adventure….”

Your main « Keyword » must be in your title, main tag and your description :

After you upload the design, make all you items black (or whatever color you like)

Select “Dark Colors”, if you see that a design doesn’t fit, click it and adjust the scale. If you don’t want an item, simply click off. 

Finish by checking “I have and agree to Terms and Conditions” then hit “Publish”

After your finish, you will get this page, and you are ready to start selling. 

Step 3 : Promote, Measure and Adjust

After setting up your designs, it’s time to put a little more efforts, but promoting your work on social media and other marketing channels.

Keep in mind that TeePublic shows your t-shirts on Ads in different social platforms, to people who saw them in the first place. this increase your chances to get sales.

Start with setting your Google Analytics, to track your store data, analyze this data to update your designs and lean about trends in Google Trends then use Pinterest to attract traffic to your designs.

if you need any help setting up your store, connecting to Google Analytics or even designing your ideas, we would be glad to help. book a free 30min online session to talk about how we can solve your challenges.