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Islamic App

Alwird App

This App, Cheikh Maelainin’s Hizb_Al-Ratib, will help you to finish reading the Holy Quran in three weeks.



Get Your Mask, is an Ecommerce website created to help Switzerland citizens to get thier protection masks, to fight the new Coronavirus Covid19.

  • Paiement Setup
  • Product Landing Page Design
  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Branding

University Club

Forum ENCGK Entreprises

Forum ENCG Kenitra is a club for young students of the ENCGK their objective is to create a meeting space between the world of training and that of employment, in order to offer conferences and round tables around a specific theme. Their purpose, as a club, is to provide and encourage the attributes necessary to be professional in your field.



Zero Hunger is a NGO; their mission is to engage government, business, the wider community and other sectors, as well as service providers, to work together to provide practical solutions to the very difficult problem of people living, working and begging in the street.



Zero Hunger Academy is a platform that gives to Zero Hunger volunteers access to a host of training courses written by Zero Hunger team and conceived for e-learning in the field of volunteering in general and more specifically in the world of the homeless in order to improve the current ecosystem and speed up the process of saving the homeless in Morocco.

Web Platform

Kawalis Academy

For all those who want to be trained by the elite and the best educational and professional trainers for FREE in multiple field, Kawalis Academy is the key thanks to the wide range of courses and programs tailored to your needs.

Web Application

Happy Dentist

Here is your beautiful smile maker, the perfect toothache medication, here is the DENTAL MANAGEMENT APPLICATION, we got you a solution, a portable dentist whenever you need  a consultation, or in case you want to  book an appointment. It’s bringing the doctor closer  to his patients with no condition and  answers the most common questions about dental health issues, treatments, and dental care in general.

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