Inovagit is Breathing Innovation !

We believe strongly that innovation, is the only solution for global challenges facing Humanity. As we all experienced the unprecedented panademic of novel Coronovirus, Innovation is our weapon to progress. At Inovagit, innovation is our main focus to solve not only our customers problems but also global social challenges. Check our proudly-developed solutions :

Visit Farm, Where Every Day is a Nature Day

Who doesn’t love Moroccan Tagine in a beautiful Moroccan landscape with a traditional Moroccan Family ? If you are just like us, a nature lover so Visit Farm might be your solution to find a great farm to spend a weekend with your beloved ones.

Happy Dentsit, Dental Management Solution

Dentists in Morocco suffers from a lot of management challenges. After many meeting with them, we finally understood how Moroccan dental clinics works. So we came up with a very simple platform that understand the Moroccan behavior, which allows dentists and their team to smartly manage their clinics.

Passions World, Read. Write. Inspire

You have ideas or just some random thoughts ? Join our new platform to share your passion with the world.

FeedApp, Feed The Homeless

FeedApp is our proudly innovation. Developed during the quarantine to help volunteers coordinate operations to collect, prepare and distribute meals in African countries.