How to Stop Procrastinating ?! Procrastinating is considered as a habitual or intentional  delay of starting or finishing a task despite knowing it might have negative consequences. In other words, it s a common human experience involving delay in everyday chores or even putting off salient tasks.

 Before looking at how to stop procrastinating, you should know why you are procrastinating.  Obviously, there are several issues that lead people to procrastinate while working from home like lack of concentration and lack of self confidence.

  • We want to have an immediate reward
  • We value our productivity in the future
  • We are afraid
How to Stop Procrastinating When Working Form Home
How to Stop Procrastinating When Working Form Home, @ Happy Monsters

Besides, it may be due to a deep rooted fair of failure. In fact, Once you fair the consequences of failing, then It s logical to delay the action . Another frequent reason for procrastination is experiencing low energy levels .

With the right strategies, you can take the reins of your state of mind and fulfill your tasks in due time. The strategies we tell you will help you achieve this.

  1. Discover the motive
  2. Eliminate Obstacles
  3. Fix short-term goals
  4. Improve the work environment
  5. Be Realistic
  6. View the results
  7. Celebrate when you reach the goals
  8. Avoid distractions

If you are lacking energy,  you will not feel like doing much at all. Moreover, If you are a self-confessed perfectionist, then you might find it difficult to take action unless you know you can do a job with which you will be totally satisfied.

As  most of the major problems with productivity while working from home have to do with procrastination,  you should look for some tips to help you stay on track and become more efficient. The first thing to do is to start.

Just start somewhere by doing the easiest task you ca do. You should also  create your own workplace. Just turn a spare room into a small office and  use a corner of the living or bedroom that has enough light during the day.

In case you are a night owl, make sure to have appropriate lighting so that you don’t fatigue your eyes. Another crucial point is Reward .

Rewarding yourself along the way and stimulating your brain with something that makes you happy  is an essential part of human psychology when it comes to motivation. 

Different rewards will work for different people, so you should identify what you want. For instance , you may be motivated by snacks, money Or free time .  Additionally, you should establish a routine. 

Do whatever  you need to do in order to establish a comfortable, easy, and repeatable daily routine. For example,

  • Get up early,
  • Take a shower
  • Have a coffee
  • Set up a clear work schedule

Also, Make a plan for your work that has clear and realistic goals that you can expect to achieve within a given time. Last but but not least, reduce distractions.

set yourself up to work in a quiet space that is likely to have little or no traffic from family members or flatmates and turn a blind eye to All distractions and stay focused on work.

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