How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World?

Artificial Intelligence, shaping the world

One of the hottest technologies is Artificial Intelligence. AI helps humans to do a lot of tasks easier. It had reduced the burden and workload of humans.

The world around us is changing every day and so do our lives. Technology is moving in a fast pace daily as our standard of living is increasing day by day.

The most recent trending technologies had helped us to achieve great heights of success in this advanced world.

AI can solve several social challenges like User Verification, Environmental and Societal Issues, Healthcare, Education etc. A few topics could be discussed in brief here:

1. Education

Artificial Intelligence and education
Photo by Andy Kelly on Unsplash

The current education system had changed a lot and it is now developing more and more day by day.

The brick and mortar classes had been transforming into online classrooms and it would be fully transformed into a digital classroom within a short span of time.

All the developed countries had already applied AI in their educational system and as Morocco is a developing country it had not reached its fullest.

AI had been implemented in most of the educational systems for User Verification, for example, the Punching of Students and staff members.

Also, AI could solve the issues of teaching as a digital assistant could be implemented for students to have answers to their questions. Also, individualized robots could be given to each student instead of a tutor.

AI plays a key role in the education sector and it could solve the issues up to an extent using the help of artificial intelligence.

2. Medical Field

It’s a busy and important sector for human lives. As hospitals are involved with several domains and so the work force is also higher.

So, to reduce the laborious work that we humans do daily, robots could be administered.

So, by implementing well-powered robots, the number of work force could be reduced and could thus save the time and effort that one do in this field.

It could reduce the costs as well and helps to improve the working conditions of the health sector as well. Diagnosing of diseases could be done as well.

3. User Verification

Our world is transforming into a digital world. So, we also need to change according to the world. User verification is maintained by the implementation of AI.

With this, cheating and other malpractices could be avoided as user verification is done by robot. So, it plays a major role in tackling the social issues occurring in our everyday world.

User verification could be done using pattern recognition or face recognition as well. It is implemented in our Smart Phones and Laptops as well.

Researchers and scientists are trying in advance to identify if any loop holes exist as well.

4. Future Prediction

Robots could be used to predict the future. Nowadays, many robots are being designed and are trained accordingly.

For example, Sophia is a robot with human feelings and also she had addressed her speech within India during her meeting.

So, if we program the robots as in the way we decide, we could use it to predict what our future will be. It may not be as much accurate as human prediction.

Prediction of future is always a difficult task and researchers and scientists are trying to predict the future.

So, not only AI, deep learning and machine learning could be used for future prediction. By future prediction, AI can pave the way for tackling the existing social issues in our society

Towards the conclusion, our future is transforming into a fully digital world and so the work life of humans is being undertaken by robots as well.

Also, the skilled people and data scientists are few in number, so AI could tackle all social issues occurring in our society and daily life.

AI would replace man-power and it could become a reliable tool for solving social issues. So, the future would be in the hands of AI….!!!