Today, working from home is not only a choice but also a necessity in some cases. Since you are working from home and you get busier throughout the day, you start multitasking then you end up losing focus. That makes you put more time and more energy so as to fully complete all tasks on your to-do list.

Before we go any further, what does multitasking really mean? According to many studies, multitasking refers to task switching. In fact, your attention is switching between two or more pieces of work, and that depletes the energy resources you have to do your work. Then, you feel exhausted and not in the mood to do anything even if you have done no physical effort. This can lead to memory problems and a reduction in your brain’s gray matter.

This being said, here are five ways to stop multitasking when working from home.

Make an effective planning for your day

You need to make a list of tasks and turn it into a plan in order to help you keep a sense of direction and priorities. This way, your brain will know exactly what you want to accomplish and each of your tasks will get your full focus.

Eliminate all distractions while working

Our phones are always beeping and pinging with new alerts to messages and social media notifications that dilute your attention. This makes even the easiest of tasks become much harder and take longer to complete. That’s why you should put your phone on silent mode and clear your desk from anything that could distract you. Now you’re ready to work!

Choose an appropriate workplace

Since mess can be distracting, Keep your work area organized and clean so that you can tackle one thing at a time without anything getting in the way and tampering with your concentration.

Learn to say no

This doesn’t mean you should be rude to people, but you must take your time to evaluate any request and think about it. This way you don’t lose focus on your current task while helping out with someone else’s.

Get enough rest

Multitasking can exhaust your brain which affects its functionality. When your mind starts wandering off, this instantly means that you need to take a break. To keep your brain focused, make sure you get enough sleep and take short regular breaks between your predefined tasks throughout the day.